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LeVonne has always enjoyed a life filled with art and beauty.  As long as she can remember, she’s had a huge passion for making everything beautiful.  From creating fashion trends for clothing, hair, makeup and nails to gorgeous lashes for women. As a result, she began her college life studying Fine Arts at Carnegie University's Art Institute, then off Haute Couture Modeling, after which she decided to set modeling aside to pursue Cosmetology at Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and create some beauty trends of her own.  LeVonne's artistic talent has graced the pages of national magazines such as; Onyx Woman, NAILS, NAILPRO, Innovative Health, etc. She has a passion and talent for creating beautiful and unique looks in eyelash extensions. She currently teaches the professional art of Eyelash Extension Application & Design in Waterford, MI.

She's a LASH educator

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS FOR Levonne De Spa Lash & Spa Services

LeVonne started her career in the fashion industry as a haute couture model.  She attended Carnegie Mellon Art Institute and then attended Pittsburgh Beauty Academy.  Just a few years after graduation she rented a small nail studio in Uptown Salon in Pittsburgh, PA. After several years, she opened LeVonne de Spa where she came to be under the wing of skin care dynamo Lydia Sarfati, Founder of Repechage. LeVonne became a Spa & Salon Panel Expert and Educator. Over two decades have passed and now the day spa has grown into a two story stand alone retreat that boasts international level spa and salon services. Now every woman can have international beauty from head to toe.

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