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Repechage® Fusion Sensory Signature Facial & Body Treatment  NEW!  (60 min)

Experience the FUSION!  Energize your entire body with potent skin care benefits from earth and sea with a sensory facial that EVERYONE will enjoy! Choose from enticing and delicious aromatic flavors such as MATCHA, CHOCOLATE, VANILLA and MIXED BERRY. All formulated with the potent benefits of the exclusive, world-renown Repêchage Laminaria digitata seaweed complex. This relaxing facial and body treatment provides real nutritive benefits to the skin while stimulating the senses with wonderful aromas. Features a soothing facial, legs, arms and shoulder massage which deeply relaxes and restore the body.

Online Price: $150
Reg. Price Set: $169
You Save: $19

Hydra 4 for Sensitive Skin  (50 min)
Sensitive skin loves this facial. Even more calming than pure water itself, this premium facial soothes, and protects "stressed-out" complexions and decreases skin sensitivity. Includes a relaxing facial, neck and décolleté massage, Hydra 4 Mask and a  hydrating moisturizer which concludes this facial. Organic Olive oil and olive leaf extracts provide superior anti-oxidant protection while nourishing seaweed retrains moisture in the cells and builds resistance to external factors, leaving your skin radiant. Recommended for Hyper-reactive to very Sensitive Skin.

Online Price: $80
Reg. Price Set: $89
You Save: $9

Repechage Vanilla Hydra 4  (50 min)
This rich and aromatic serum caresses skin and aids in restoring elasticity. More calming than pure water itself, this deluxe facial soothes, protects "stressed-out" complexions and decreases skin sensitivity with a simply delicious aroma. Includes: Organic Olive Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin infusion, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Serum, Hydra 4 Mask, Facial, Neck and Décolleté Massage,  Spa Creme Arm & Hand Massage. This facial provides superior anti-oxidant protection while nourishing seaweed retrains moisture in the cells and builds resistance to external factors, leaving your skin radiant.

Online Price: $99
Reg. Price Set: $125
You Save: $26

Repechage Peel & Reveal Facial  (60 min)
A gentle but effective Repechage Glyco Sea Peel gives your skin a second chance at being youthful with immediate brightening results! Your skin will be more vibrant and show less signs of aging. After a gentle cleansing am Ecocert seaweed peel removes dull skin cells while rejuvenating fresh new skin cells. Your complexion will be Infused with vital trace elements, minerals, vitamins, Opti Lift Serum and Repechage Lift Cream for amazing results! The results are fast and impressive!  Can be done during a lunch break without redness!

Online Price: $125
Reg. Price Set: $155
You Save: $30

White Cocoa Hydration Facial  (50+ min)

Even very dry skin will benefit from the rich hydration of this  deeply moisturizing European Facial. Rich in imported butters and Hydrating Cocoa Serum. Your skin will feel dewy, moist and youthful.

•    Organic Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract Cleanser  

•    Vitamin infusion Serum

•    Hydrating Cocoa Serum

•    Cocoa Dew Mask

•    Facial, Neck and Décolleté Massage

•    Dewy Spa Creme Arm & Hand Massage

This luxurious and indulgent facial will flatter your senses and beautify your skin. Cocoa is known for high in antioxidant content, improves skin tactility and promotes circulation. Incorporates a variety of modalities: gentle cleansing, exfoliation, Cocoa Dew Mask, vitamin infusion serum, and a cocoa dew moisturizing face massage. This relaxing facial therapy also includes a chocolate anti-aging hand masque treatment. A delicious and indulgent facial service.

Online Price: $120
Reg. Price Set: $135
You Save: $15

Microdermabrasion Facial  (60+ min)
This prescriptive level anti-aging facial dramatically improves texture and visually diminishes wrinkles. Perfect for mature, tired and dull complexions. Effective wrinkle removing facial which suits most skin types. Includes:  gentle cleansing, microdermabrasion of face & upper neck, nutritive toning, moisture mask, vitamin infusion, face/neck/decollete massage, hand exfoliation.Skin will be rehydrated and re-energized. Recommended for most skin types.

Online Price: $155
Reg. Price Set: $185
You Save: $30

Sea Escape Stone Facial & Body Therapy (90+ min)  A Spa Favorite!
This extremely relaxing full body therapy combines stone therapies (hot and cold sea stones) with the Repechage Signature Anti-aging Four Layer Facial. This is a natural spa service marriage uniting: Anti-Aging Skin Care, Energy Work, Aromatherapy, Heat Therapy, Nueromuscular Body Therapy, Foot Therapy and Hand Therapy. This service creates balance throughout the body and leave you feeling deeply relaxed. This is a resort level spa experience you will not forget.

Online Price: $249
Reg. Price Set: $250
You Save: $51

On the Go Facial w/ Repechage Lamina Lift Mask (30+ min) 
Restores the original look of the 'FLAT LASH' style.  Flat lashes are stronger,  lighter and a softer feeling lash while being thicker in appearance. Flat lashes come only in Black. They are customizable and natural looking. You have lots of look options. Gives a longer and more defined looking eyelashes. Gives length & definition to fine to normal lashes. Short to long available. They are light weight and look natural...even up close. Great for everyday. No mascara hassels and no raccoon eyes!

Online Price: $65
Reg. Price Set: $75
You Save: $10

Buttermilk & Honey Facial (50 min)  For a Luminous Natural Glow!
Every complexions loves the deep hydrating effects of this fabulous and natural facial. Soothing botanicals erase the effects of dryness and restore the skin's natural glow with a kiss of nature. Our sensitive skin cleanser gently sweeps away all debris. A Buttermilk, Almond, Oatmeal and Honey Hydration / Exfoliating Mask deeply cleanses congested pores and restores proper moisture balance to skin leaving it ultra smooth and fresh. Includes: C Serum Facial and Throat Massage, Lulling face, throat, decolleté moisture massage, Creamy spa hand exfoliation, Luxurious arm & hand spa butter massage. A great way to get rid of dryness and clean skin up for warm weather. Recommended for All Skin Types, except for Acneic Skin.

Online Price: $145
Reg. Price Set: $165
You Save: $20

Repechage® Four Layer Facial (50+ min)  Perfect for Special Occasions / No Break Out!
The premiere anti-aging treatment. Experience four layers of rejuvenating seaweed rich in 12 vitamins and phlorotannins, 42 trace elements, minerals, 18 amino acids to help reduce wrinkles, firm and contour. See the difference: cleaner, healthier, young looking skin. Fresh European Seaweed rejuvenates, tones and dramatically firms the skin. Enjoy facial  and decolletage massages and a cool Pure Energy Seaweed Mask followed by a Mineral-rich Thermal Mask that allows for total penetration of the layers. An application of Hydro PFS Complex completes this wonderful facial. A relaxing aromatherapy face, throat, decolleté, hand with full arm massage soothe the mind, body and spirit. A lovely spa facial experience. Immediate results and long term benefits: younger looking skin with visibly renewed firmness and a moisturized glow. The ideal facial for stressed or hyper-reactive complexions. Recommended for All Skin Types, Especially brides!

Online Price: $135
Reg. Price Set: $150
You Save: $15

Repechage 5 Layer Facial  (50+ min)  Dramatically smooths and minimizes wrinkles!
This Internationally known Premium Repechage™ Anti-aging Treatment takes on added benefits of a Brightening Facial Serum and Under Eye Brightening Serum that is amazing! It's three spa services in one! Anti-aging results from one treatment!  Experience each of the 5 Layers...layer upon Layer of Pure Bliss. Fresh European Seaweed rejuvenates, tones and dramatically firms the skin. Enjoy: • Gentle Cleansing • Soothing Facial Massage • Hydrating Vitamin Mask • Pure Energy Seaweed Mask • Brightening Facial Serum  • Under Eye Brightening Serum • Hydro PFS Complex Moisturizer Application  • Face, Throat and Decolleté Massage • Arm & Hand Exfoliation and Anti-Aging Cream Massage. You will emerge with renewed skin and an enlivened mind, body and spirit. Ideal facial for stressed or hyper-reactive complexions. Recommended for All Skin Types, Perfect for Brides!

Online Price: $165
Reg. Price Set: $185
You Save: $20

BIOLIGHT™ Miracle Facial with Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel(60 min)  Brighter, Radiant Skin Today
Restoring the fullest possible fluttery lashes! These lashes are a combination of the 1:1 method w/ Double Tapered, Flat Lash and Volume lash extensions. A GREAT OPTION IF YOU HAVE SPARSE NATURAL LASHES AND WOULD LIKE TO FILL IN GAPS AND ADD VOLUME. Natural fur can be added at outer corners for a soft fluttery look! Can be applied to short or long lashes. Who doesn't absolutely love luscious lashes?

Online Price: $150
Reg. Price Set: $175
You Save: $20

Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial (60 min) The Non-surgical Face Lift!

An Alternative to Surgical Rejuvenation. This exclusive combination of a cool Spirulina mask and Enzymatic Micropeel to revive, tone and firm skin INSTANTLY. No extractions are done with this facial. Anti-oxidant Green Tea, Red Clover and Seaweed treatment facial provide an 'Instant Trigger' to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An enzymatic Micropeel helps to uncover a vibrant complexion.

Online Price: $160
Reg. Price Set: $175
You Save: $51

Repechage® Hydra Medic Acne Facial  (60 min)Stop Acne. Get Clear Skin.
A natural holistic approach to combating acne from the inside out. The treatment line works to control oil production from overly active sebaceous glands, while protecting your skins natural moisture balance. Combining natural herbal and marine ingredients, Hydra Medic® is your answer for noticeably flawless skin.

Online Price: $140
Reg. Price Set: $150
You Save: $10








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